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When an alarm system isn’t enough, Integrated Access Control Systems are the next logical step for increasing security at your business premises. Integrated Access Control Systems bring with them all the functionality of an alarm system with the advantage of allowing management of staff and visitor movement throughout a site by electronically restricting access to doors, lifts, gates and turnstiles.

Access ControlOn doors this is achieved through the installation of electronic locks to all doors requiring restricted access which are then accessed via proximity cards issued to staff or by entering a code at a keypad. Once in the secured area, exiting can be achieved by the installation of free egress door locks, egress buttons or request to exit buttons. If a higher level of security is desired, we can configure your system so that a card or code is required for both entry and exit. In some cases it may be necessary to install an emergency break glass egress button to allow access to a controlled door in case of a fire. Austech Surveillance consultants will advise you of these and any other regulatory requirements during the system design phase.

Controlling access gates and turnstiles is achieved via several means dependant upon the type of unit. Electric gates/turnstiles normally have a controller unit that we can interface with our Access Control System. The gate/turnstile can then be opened by the same means as a standard door. For vehicle gates/roller doors, an inductance loop can be installed on the secured side of the gate to facilitate easy exit if required.
Lift control requires us to liase with your lift service company. We first install our lift control interface which is then connected to your buildings lift management system by your lift service company. Once installed, the lift control interface restricts access to personnel to particular floors via means of proximity cards or code access.

Our Access control systems can be self managed on site through our management software, giving the client full control over their premises. You will have the ability to issue codes and or access rights to any user for any number of areas, doors, gates or floors. That access can be restricted based on time, day of the week or date. You will also have the ability to issue visitors with short term access to ensure that lost visitor passes do not get into the wrong hands. Austech Surveillance is able to manage your Access Control System remotely if required giving you added piece of mind.
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