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The most basic and well known of all electronic security measures and usually a starting point for any family or business seeking additional security and peace of mind.

AlarmsFor the home, Austech Surveillance offer alarm systems from a basic 3 detector installation for security when the premises is unoccupied,  to full perimeter systems protecting every door and window that can be used 24 hours a day whether the premises is occupied or not. Areas outside your home such as sheds, patios, pool areas and carports are also able to be secured. Austech Surveillance can even cater for indoor pets to ensure your security is never compromised. Short term loss of mains power will not impact on the systems performance as all systems installed by Austech Surveillance contain a battery backup.

For your business, Austech Surveillance offers economical systems suitable for installation in small office suites up to large multi-partition commercial systems offering the flexibility of independent control over individual areas of the premises such as workshop, stores, office. With such a system, all areas can be armed and disarmed individually without affecting the other areas. Staff members requiring access to the entire premises are offered the option of arming/disarming all areas simultaneously or any one of the individual areas. Staff requiring access to individual areas only can be restricted to that area with time restrictions if required.  As per our home systems, all commercial systems contain battery backup.

As per the normal requirements we have observed over past years, we have designed some kits for more convenient use. Some of them are below:

Domestic Basic Package
Premium Security Package

Have something else in mind ?? We will make a CCTV DVR kit suiting exactly your needs.

4 Channel DVR

Austech Surveillance
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