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Austech Surveillance, as specialists in CCTV have invested a great deal of time in the development of our Digital Video Recording systems. Coupled with high quality cameras from leading manufacturers, our systems offer unrivaled image quality at prices that won’t blow your budget. We can even configure your system for remote viewing so you can keep an eye on things whilst away from your premises.CCTV

CCTV applications are many and varied. Common applications include monitoring of staff movements in large offices and warehouses, monitoring of plant and machinery, monitoring service stations for drive offs, monitoring patrons in clubs and pubs and monitoring retail outlets for shop lifting and holdups. More recently, businesses have been installing systems for public liability and workers compensation reasons. In the event of an injury claim against the company, your CCTV system can provide the evidence required to prove or disprove the claimants storey potentially preventing costly legal proceedings and increased insurance costs. Home CCTV has also become increasingly popular in recent times.

Austech Surveillance offers a range of Digital Video Recording systems to suit many applications. From our entry level 4 channel DVR to our flagship 16 and 32 channel real time DVRs, all systems are fully featured and support many advanced functions. For more technical information on CCTVs click here.

We have developed systems that can actually record the happenings the way you want them to record. We have our wide range of DIY kits which will suit almost all your needs, weather its your home, office or some public place we have the kits which will cover everything.

All our new CCTV kits are equiped with devices by which you can remotely connect to the systems even via your iphones, so its like your home is just some finger taps away from you.

The following are just a few:

8 Channel DVR

4 Channel DVR

Have something else in mind ?? We will make a CCTV DVR kit suiting exactly your needs.

4 Channel DVR

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