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We are a company with the sole purpose of providing our customers with "peace of mind". We provide a wide variety of services that can be of great help to you. A small list of wat all services we provide is given below:

  • Our ServicesCCTV - Austech Surveillance, as specialists in CCTV have invested a great deal of time in the development of our Digital Video Recording systems. Coupled with high quality cameras from leading manufacturers, our systems offer unrivaled image quality at prices that won’t blow your budget.
  • Our ServicesAlarms - The most basic and well known of all electronic security measures and usually a starting point for any family or business seeking additional security and peace of mind.For the home, Austech Surveillance offer alarm systems from a basic 3 detector installation for security when the premises is unoccupied,  to full perimeter systems.
  • Our ServicesAccess Control - When an alarm system isn’t enough, Integrated Access Control Systems are the next logical step for increasing security at your business premises. Integrated Access Control Systems bring with them all the functionality of an alarm system with the advantage of allowing management of staff and visitor movement throughout a site by electronically restricting access to doors, lifts, gates and turnstiles.
  • Our ServicesBiometric Data Security - At Austech Surveillance we’re constantly striving to find new and innovative products to further improve all aspects your security. One area of security that is often overlooked, is information or data security and the potential impact of that data getting into the wrong hands for individuals and businesses alike.

There are also many wide variety of other products for making secure what's important to you.

Austech Surveillance
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