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About Austech Surveillance and IT

Austech Surveillance and IT Pty Ltd is a Western Australian, Family owned and operated company, founded as Austech Computers during 1995. Our focus was purely on information technology until 2000, when we discovered a need in the growing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) market and decided to test the waters and thus, Austech Surveillance was born.

Quickly, we formed a strategic alliance with a software and hardware engineering company. Our main goal was to produce a digital video recording system with features and image quality that would remain otherwise unseen by the Australian market for years to come. We succeeded in this goal and even today, continue to develop our products to meet the rapidly changing requirements and expectations of the modern CCTV market. At Austech Surveillance and IT, we are innovators, we are forward thinkers, we are ahead of our time.

At Austech Surveillance and IT we always want to be better. We are always thinking of what we can do to make people’s lives easier. We started to think, what’s something that always annoys you when it comes to finding contractors? Is it the fact that you have to book various different companies to complete various different tasks? We feel that, which is why we sat down and had a long hard think about what we can do for our clients. Then it hit us, what about a company that does it all. A company that can secure your home/business, as well as look after all your IT, as well as install and maintain all your electrical! This way you only need to worry about dealing with one company, organising one time, paying one fee. So, we combined, Security, IT and Electrical to become a powerhouse of success, thus, Austech Surveillance and IT was created. Now we have highly experienced specialist in each area to ensure that our clients are receiving only the best service we can possibly provide.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus at Austech Surveillance and IT. Each and every one of our staff have been trained to go the extra mile and ensure your dealings with our company are nothing but smooth and positive. We are one of the only companies that still directly employs technical and installation staff rather than the use of contractors. So, you can rest assured knowing that all of our employees are reliable, efficient and friendly.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our team of consultants are not simply salespeople with theoretical knowledge. All our sales staff are qualified, experienced and licensed installers and technicians, bringing with them years upon years of industry experience. This provides us with a knowledgeable, cohesive and flexible workforce, consistently producing the high standard of service our customers expect and deserve.

Our Promise to YOU:

Since we are a Western Australian, Family operated and owned business, we know what it is like to want to protect the ones you love. There is nothing more important to us then ensuring the safety of our own family so therefore there is nothing more important to us then ensuring the safety of your family too! All of our staff have families of their own as well who know what it is like to want to ensure themselves and their families are safe at all times. It is because of this that every single one of our staff will go above and beyond to ensure you and your family always feel safe in your own home.

During our first years as a computer company we were the victims of many horrible and scary break-ins. This was when we realised that as well as protecting the one’s we love, we need to protect the things we love too. In this case, we needed to protect the business that we poured our blood sweat and tears into.

It is because we know what it is like to be in your position, that we promise we will continuously go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the best quality of service from every single one of our staff. We know first-hand what it is like to be the victim of security breaches and now we have taken it into our own hands to ensure that others never have to feel scared in their own home or business, like we once did.

We at Austech Surveillance and IT promise to go above and beyond to ensure your home and/or business is safe at all times. We promise to always provide a friendly, efficient service to each and every client. We promise that our technicians will not leave your home/business until they have cleaned up after themselves, leaving your home/business the way they found it. Finally, we promise that you will receive nothing but the best customer service from everyone you have dealings with at our company, from the first initial contact to the very last.


Our Company Values:

At Austech Surveillance and IT, we have a variety of values that we hold close to our hearts;

  • Loyalty: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we believe in loyalty, which is why all of our staff have been with us for many years. All of our staff are with us for the long haul. No more do you need to worry about constantly letting different strangers into your home or business that you love. We always try to ensure that our all technicians stay with the same clients so that a bond of trust can be formed.
  • Customer service: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we believe customer service is key. We want you to remember our business for all the right reasons which is why all the way from our administrative staff to our technicians you will receive nothing but the best service from them all. All of our staff are trained to go above and beyond to ensure all our clients are satisfied with every job completed.
  • Efficiency: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we pride ourselves on our efficiency. We provide only the best services at a fast pace. All our staff are experts in their area, so they know what they are doing and are able to perform their tasks faster than most. Although they are fast, they will never rush a job, or make little mistakes, they will complete the job to only the highest possible quality.
  • Integrity: At Austech Surveillance and IT, all our staff show a high level of integrity. We ensure that all of our staff are trustworthy and reliable and that we as a company practice and encourage open communication between staff and clients. To enhance our integrity, all of our staff are required to hold a police clearance as well the proper licenses and credentials that are necessary for them to provide only the best quality of service they can possibly provide.
  • Honesty: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we thrive on honesty. Our staff will always tell you the truth and will never recommend you a service that you would not benefit from. Our staff will tell you about services you might be interested in, or could benefit from, but would never tell you anything to help us line our own pockets.
  • Passion: At Austech Surveillance and IT, all of our staff have a passion for what we do. Our staff will always perform to their maximum capability, providing only the best services because they have a passion for the area they are working in.
  • Accountability: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we know that sometimes systems fault which is why we provide all of our clients with a 1-year warranty. Customer satisfaction at the end of a job is our main priority which is why if you are not 100% satisfied with our work or it does not work correctly, we will send one of our technician out to identify what the problem is and provide a solution and ensure you are 100% happy.
  • Constant improvement and innovation: At Austech Surveillance and IT, we are constantly wanting to be the biggest and best which is why we are always finding new ways to be ahead in our industry. We are one of only a couple companies throughout Australia who use a new CCTV system, Eagle Eye which is created, operated and maintained in America. This allows us to provide our clients with the most efficient, secure and user-friendly CCTV system on the market

We pride ourselves on the fact that our staff from the day that start at our company are taught to work consistently by these values. We use these values to ensure our clients are only providing the best quality of service humanly possible.

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