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Alarm Systems

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Alarms can be a good investment, especially if you have many valuables in your home, live in an isolated area or one with a history of break-ins. Austech Surveillance has a large range of security alarms to suit home and commercial premises

Austech Surveillance Pty Ltd has a large range of security alarms to suit home and commercial premises.

Each alarm can be tailored to your specific needs. Just talk to our licenced representatives on 08 9250 1100.

Over 1000 burglaries are committed each week and Austech alarm can provide you with the best possible deterrent to any would be thief.

Your home is your sanctuary and an Austech alarm can protect your property.

How do robbers get in ?

  • While your at home
  • Breaking windows
  • Through open windows
  • Jemmying doors
  • Through the roof
  • Foreced entry

All Austech alarms can be tailored to suit your needs, Alarms are available with 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 zones. The alarm may be partially armed with all or selected zones.

All Austech alarms can be monitored by :

Back to base monitoring – 24hrs 365days

Programmed to call your mobile or designated contact.

The Partial zone arming allows you to secure your home while inside.

The Stay button allows for perimeter arming.

All Austech alarms include stickers and signs advertising that your home or business premises are being ‘watched’.

All Austech back to base monitored alarms have access to emergency services like the Police Department.

Arming chime button – provides a chime whenever a window or door is opened while the alarm is in ‘stay’ mode.

Duress codes allow you to ‘silently’ alert our monitoring station to a possible home invasion.

Multiple user codes can be used to determine who set the alarm.

Single digit arming which is easy to use, or remotes can be installed (similar to a car alarm).

Pet sensors allow your pets to remain inside while the alarm is set (However, this is subject to the size of your pet)

To request a quotation on alarm packages, please call 08 9250 1100 where a licenced Austech Surveillance representative will happily discuss your requirements.

*Charges apply to all back-to-base monitoring.

Do you need support with your Alarm System?

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