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Automatic Gates

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What is an automatic gate?

An automatic gate is an entrance gate that can be opened and closed via an electronically powered mechanism such as a remote.

How does it work?

The backbone of automatic gates is the motor. The motor is the electric device which enables the gate to open and close without having to manually open and close the gate.

By pressing a certain button on your gate remote, it will send a signal to the receiver in the gate and it will tell the gate to either open or close.

What are the types of automatic gates?

The first commercial electric gates were hydraulic and designed for reliability and simplicity to use. The high cost however, meant that other companies started producing more affordable electromechanical alternative. Hydraulic motors are the preferred choice on larger and heavy gates as they are able to generate higher level of torque whereas electromechanical systems designed for lower usage domestic installations as they are more cost effective. Most manufactures now produce both types of gates providing their customers with both options.

There are three different types of automatic gates you can get;

Articulated: Articulated gate openers are good for gates with wide posts allowing them to open in small spaces. This type is gate is simple to install but is no where near as aesthetically pleasing as other motor designs.

Underground: Underground gates allow for the alarms to swing up to 180 degrees. These gates are recommended for 'Domestic' use with a low risk of abuse environment this is due to the gate having to change direct, as soon as it can.

Sliding: A sliding gate is great if you are low on space or the driveway behind the gate is on a steep incline. They are also very common in a commercial environment.

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