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Featured Products


The NSN Solosafe is a personal emergency device specifically designed for lone workers, aged assistance, active seniors, children and even domestic violence situations. By pressing one simple button, the control room is alerted and is able to monitor your situation, taking whatever actions necessary to ensure your personal safety. Click here to view the Specs and prices of the NSN Solosafe.



The Xtra-Lok is an incredible safety precaution to prevent levering and force to the door, in or out. The Technique is simple. It secures the door to the concrete with a simple latching technique taking seconds. It sits flat with absolute minimum obstruction when the door is open. This lock can be fitted to roller, tilt or other types of doors, either singularly in the centre or in multiples. The Xtra-Lok allows you to sit back and relax knowing your personal belongings are safe and secure, even when your not around. Click here to view the brochure.

BOSCH SOLUTION 3000 & 6000

The Bosch Solution Access Control and Alarm systems 3000 & 6000 are two of our trusted systems allowing for maximum security of your home or workplaces. Click here to view the specs of the two systems.

solution 6000