Featured Products


At Austech Surveillance & IT we are now proud distributors of Paradox Alarm Systems. These alarm systems are completely wireless and can be accessed straight from your phone no matter where you are. These systems are 100% user friendly with the whole system being controlled by the touch of one single button.


Austech Surveillance our newest and most exciting product is the Inferno Intenso Sound Barrier created by Inferno Pro Security.

The Intenso is our best-selling security alarm. It delivers explosive sound, yet is visually discreet. It provides security to shops, warehouses, offices and research and development facilities around the world.
It can be easily connected and integrated to any alarm system.


The Xtra-Lok works incredibly to prevent levering and force to the door, in or out. The Technique is simple. It secures the door to the concrete with a simple latching technique taking seconds. It sits flat with absolute minimum obstruction when the door is open. This lock can be fitted to roller, tilt or other types of doors, either singularly in the centre or in multiples.