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IT – Protecting Whats Important to you
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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

8am – 5pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays


**Emergency services are available but charges will apply**


Do Macbooks get viruses?

They most definitely do. All machines are able to get viruses, none are special. Please ensure you have a good anti-virus software on all your machines, no matter the brand. If you do not have anti-virus and want it, give us a call on 1300 737 225 and ask to speak to our IT technicians who will be able to help you out.

Why is my computer running slow?

One of the main reasons why your computer might be running slow is because you have apps open in the background. To see what programs are running in the background open up task manager by pressing ALT+CONTROL+DELETE. Some other reasons may include;

  • Bad, corrupted or fragmented hard drive
  • Viruses
  • Full hard drive space
  • Your computer may be out of date and needs updating
  • Your computer may just simply be old and it might be time to upgrade.

Some things you can do to help help your computer run faster and smoother include;

  • Free up some hard drive space
  • Scan for viruses and Malwear
  • Update windows
  • Update driver
  • Reboot your computer

Why is my computer really noisy?

The two biggest culprits for excess noise in computers are fans and the hard disk. Fans are used to move the heat produced by the processor, motherboard, and graphics card out of the computer. If the fans are loose, too small, or not powerful enough, they can create noise. Hard disks can also make noise as the platters spin and the head seeks data. Loud noise is generally a very bad sign and you should get an IT technician to come and look at your machine as soon as possible.

As computers get older, they acquire dust, pet hair, and lint, which can block fans from running efficiently. Parts can also come loose, or just wear out, increasing vibrations and noise.

Give us a ring on 1300 737 225 so we can help you figure out how we can help.

Why won't my computer turn on?

If your computer won't turn on, the first thing to check is, make sure your computers power cord is plugged into the wall socket and that the wall socket is turned on. If you are using a power board make sure everything is plugged in. If it is then on your power-board you may see a red or black button, by pressing this you will reset your power board, this should get your power-board back up and running.

If your computer still won't turn on then give us a call on 1300 737 225 and one of our IT technicians will be able to help you.

What do i do when my computer crashes?

When a computer crashes, unfortunately there is not a lot you can do. Your best bet is to restart your machine.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a software program that has been intentionally created to cause a user grief, spread to other computers, or destroy data on an individual's computer. To help prevent a computer from becoming infected by a virus, it is a good idea to install anti-virus software to fight off any viruses your machine may be hit with. At Austech Surveillance and IT we have an extremely reliable anti-virus software that we use on our own machines, which we are more than happy to install on yours. Just give us a call to find out more.