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Your security is our only business.  Your Austech monitoring centre performs a vital function in monitoring your home for fire, intrusion and other critical conditions.

Monitored security systems protect you home and family, if something happens and you need help, Austechs’ monitoring service can alert the police, firefighters or emergency personnel in just a few minutes.

If you already have an Austech Alarm system arranging to have it monitored can be quick and easy.  We may not even need to visit your home, if your system is in good condition, we may be able to communicate with the system’s control panel direct from our office. This means that you can start protecting your home immediately. Please call our Austech representative on 08 9250 1100 for more information on activating your system.

If you have another brand system, Austech can monitor almost any type of system. Austech’s trained staff will evaluate your system prior to arranging activation. This way we can better serve you in knowing the condition and type of system installed. We will arrange a convenient time to do this evaluation.

You can also upgrade your current system at any time.