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Remote Back-Ups

remote backups

What is Remote Back-ups?

Remote back-ups are a service that provides users with a system for the back-up, storage and recovery or computer files. An example of a remote back-up service could be the cloud.

Remote back-up systems are typically built for client software programs that run on a specific, pre-determined schedule. Most systems generally run once a day at night while the computers aren't in use. Some of the newer back-up systems will run continoulsy in the background making sure everything is backed up as you go.

How Does it Work?

The remote backup system will collect, compress, encrypt and transfer the data to the remote back-ups service providers servers or off-site hardware.

Below are just some of the features of remote back-ups;


Network Back-up

Continuous Back-up (continuous data protection)

File-by-File Restoration

Online Access to Files

Data Compression

Differential Data Compression

Bandwidth Usage

Off-Line Back-up



What are the Benefits of Having Remote Back-ups?

Remote backup does not require user intervention. The user does not have to change tapes, label CDs or perform other manual steps.
Unlimited data retention (presuming the backup provider stays in business).
Some remote backup services will work continuously, backing up files as they are changed.
Most remote backup services will maintain a list of versions of your files.
Most remote backup services will use a 128 - 448 bit encryption to send data over unsecured links (e.g. internet).
A few remote backup services can reduce backup by only transmitting changed data.
Manage and secure digital data information.